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Model no: GLASS TUBE ROTAMETER (SERIES-JB-GTR-202) Connection : Flanged, Threaded, Nozzle at Top - Bottom or Rear with or without control valve in all wetted parts S.S. 304, 316, P.P., PVC. etc. Max. Temp. : Upto 150°C and Max press. upto 10Kg/CM-2 Accuracy ± 1% to ± 1.5% of F.S.R Floats : S.S. 304, 316, P.P., PVC. etc. Application : As per your requirements, Unit in terms of LPM, LPH, NM3/Hr., CFM, C.C./Min., ML/Min for Air or any Gas, Water or any liquid. connection-:-flanged,-threaded,-nozzle-at-top--bottom-or-rear-with-or-without-control-valve-in-all-wetted-parts-s.s.-304,-316,-p.p.,-pvc.-etc. max.-temp.-:-upto-150°c-and-max-press.-upto-10kg/cm-2 accuracy-±-1%-to-±-1.5%-of-f.s.r floats-:-s.s.-304,-316,-p.p.,-pvc.-etc. application-:-as-per-your-requirements,-unit-in-terms-of-lpm,-lph,-nm3/hr.,-cfm,-c.c./min.,-ml/min-for-air-or-any-gas,-water-or-any-liquid./b14
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