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Model no: DOUBLE WINDOW FLOW INDICATOR (SERIES-JB-DWFI-213) vailable in full View, double window, single window, with flapper, rotary wheel and in drip tube design. Suitable for different types of fluids. Type of connection : Screwed or Flanged. Material of construction: C.I., C.S., SS-316, SS-304 or any other depending upon application. Available Sizes : 6 NB to 250 NB vailable-in-full-view,-double-window,-single-window,-with-flapper,-rotary-wheel-and-in-drip-tube-design.-suitable-for-different-types-of-fluids. type-of-connection-:-screwed-or-flanged.-material-of-construction:-c.i.,-c.s.,-ss-316,-ss-304-or-any-other-depending-upon-application. available-sizes-:-6-nb-to-250-nb/b11
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