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Model no: BY PASS ROTAMETER (SERIES-JB-BPR-205) Suitable for measuring flow rates in 50 NB & above pipeline. Available in a variety of materials, carrier rings, impulse piping and rotameter as flow indicator. Design Standard conforms to ISO 5167/BS 1042. Available Sizes: 50NB to 450NB Ranges: • 22 to 800 M³/hr of water. • 0.1 to 300 Nm3/hr of air at NTP. Accuracy: ± 2% of FSD. Accessories: • Isolating Valves. • High & Low Flow Alarms. • with 4-20 mA two wire transmitter • Digital totaliser • orifice assembling along with dp trasmeter suitable-for-measuring-flow-rates-in-50-nb-&-above-pipeline.-available-in-a-variety-of-materials,-carrier-rings,-impulse-piping-and-rotameter-as-flow-indicator.-design-standard-conforms-to-iso-5167/bs-1042.-available-sizes:-50nb-to-450nb ranges: •-22-to-800-m³/hr-of-water.-•-0.1-to-300-nm3/hr-of-air-at-ntp.-accuracy:-±-2%-of-fsd. accessories: •-isolating-valves.-•-high-&-low-flow-alarms.-•-with-4-20-ma-two-wire-transmitter-•-digital-totaliser-•-orifice-assembling-along-with-dp-trasmeter/b9
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