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Bourdon Differential Gauges Nominal Size (mm) 100, 150 Scale Range 1000Kg/Cm² Accuracy in FSD 1.6% Thread Connection 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", BSP and NPT and M-20 Mounting of Gauge Bottom, Surface Case and Bezel Drawn steel and SS 304 Pressure Elements Bourdon Tube Diaphragm Nil Wetted Parts SS304 and SS 316 Application Gaseous and Liquid Media Static Pressure Same as scale range nominal-size-(mm)- 100,-150 scale-range-² accuracy-in-fsd- 1.6% thread-connection- 1/4",-3/8",-1/2",-bsp-and-npt-and-m-20 mounting-of-gauge- bottom,-surface case-and-bezel- drawn-steel-and-ss-304 pressure-elements- bourdon-tube diaphragm- nil wetted-parts- ss304-and-ss-316 application- gaseous-and-liquid-media static-pressure- same-as-scale-range/b1
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